SINBON Electronics, founded in 1989, is a leading solution provider of electronic component integration design and manufacturing, offering an extensive range of value-added services to our customers in IT, automotives, industrial control, medical and even consumer electronics industries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

For the past several years, SINBON continuously dedicates to issues for environmental obligations and realization, and accomplish the mission of being a Green Enterprise. We seek after a more promising future, therefore, SINBON drew a Green Proclamation and ready to take on any obstacle and challenge for the ultimate goal of accomplishing this vital mission. For the sake of SINBON’s sustainability and profound foundation, we will continuously devote our best efforts to optimize the quality of environment and endeavor to build a better future.

Message from Chairman

As SINBON enters its 25th found­ing anniversary, I’m very excited to share our Corporate Social Report with everyone. It is not just a transcript that indicat­ing our achievements in those 24 years, but also a commit­ment for entire employees.

We advocate “integrity, in­nova­tive, sharing” as our opera­tional philosophy. We always emphasize lawful operation and lead the market with our quality and professional services. Because of our openness and transparency, customers are always willing to collaborate with us so that SINBON’s structure is getting well, and it helps us to attract a lot of talented people.

We always say that “innovative” needs three essential factors which are “excel­lence, sharing and communication”, in the meanwhile when SINBON is pursu­ing excellence, we make efforts in establishing work specialization, full of authoriza­tion, and operation mechanism of audit management and control. It makes the internal communications speedy and effective, so that everyone can bring their talent into full play, and able to undertake a task alone.

Furthermore, “sharing” is a consistently faith that we feedback to our coworkers, cooperator, even to the society. Based on sowing the seeds of kindness, we never ask for any return, “kindness” is unfailing and dateless after our protracted and unremitting efforts.

I hope we can provide our coworkers a kindly and cheerful working environ­ment when we are pursuing for sustainable business. Those achievements we have had were not succeed at the first try, all of the coworkers devoted themselves conscientiously, little by little, it made us improved, and that is the foundation stone making us to be an everlasting company.

Community Engagement

“Sowing the seeds of kindness” is all we want.

To repay society, Chairman Joseph Wang aggressively does good deeds. For example, he expanded the donation for the Miaoli Orphanage to the United Way to benefit more people who are in need of support over the past decades or so. Chairman Wang also began to sponsor visually impaired concerts in 2012.

By extending the belief in doing good deeds, Chairman Wang donates 1% of SINBON’s profit to charity every year. According to Chairman Wang, our operations can be interpreted with an equilateral triangle that suggests our equal emphasis on creating profits for shareholders, sharing profits with employees, and assuming social respon­sibility. In reality, we have been repaying society through comprehensive charitable activities since our inception. When Chairman Wang repays society through United Way over time, employees have been influenced and motivated to contribute their part to society. Today, this spirit has been extended to China and even overseas as the group expands.

Concerns for the Underrepresented

Concerns for Local Needs in Miaoli

We provide industry-academy cooperation scholar­ships for National United University to encourage students from low-income families with good conduct and academic performance to enforce indus­try-academy cooperation. We provide financial aid for the Love in Miaoli Foundation to render after-school care service for elementary school students, aborigi­nal student service, community babysitting service, foreign spouse employment service, and women voca­tional training service; for the Miaoli Sound Bright Association (special education school) to organ­ize computer skill training courses; for the Associa­tion of the Visually Impaired to organize talent and skill development and training courses; for Life­line Association Miaoli to organize counselor training courses; for the TAIWAN FUND Children and Fami­lies-Miaoli to build the center building; and for differ­ent charity organizations to organize various activities, including Northern Thailand Youth Volunteers Service Group, Buddha Heart Association, Yu An Children’s Home, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, and World Charity Associa­tion.

Education Business

SINBON Hope Elementary School Project

After learning about the need for emergency aid of some elementary schools in Sichuan at the end of October 2004, employees of Shanghai SINBON pro­posed the SINBON Hope Elementary School Project that was passed with the full support of higher manage­ment. From planning to implementation, the project was completed in October 2005. Employees also voluntarily formed a cultural service team to bring concerns to children at SINBON Hope Elemen­tary School form outside the red basin. The team also walked into the classroom and student dormitories to further understand the needs of these students, so as to extend the love and concerns of SINBON employ­ees.

Social Support

Yearly Regular Donations

Chairman Wang is a native of Miaoli and started SINBON in Miaoli. Therefore, he regularly donates to local orphanages. According to him, it is a simple idea: help others when we are able to. Chairman Wang continued to donate local orphan­ages until 2000 when he met the United Way of Tai­wan. According to him, after careful assessment, the United Way of Taiwan is more professional and more authoritative than making donations to orphanages in Miaoli. More important, they can benefit more people, even those outside Miaoli. Therefore, besides donating to local orphanages as usual every year, Chairman Wang personally donates NT$1 million to the United Way of Taiwan every year to pay love for­ward.

Relief for the Great East Japan Earth­quake

In March 2011, a severe earthquake occurred off the Pacific coast of Tohoku and induced a tremendous tsunami. The entire area was catastrophically devas­tated. To support the relief for Japan through United Way, we donated NT$5 million in SINBON’s name. This action immediately motivated employees to follow suit to do their part. Many employees even registered donations for their friends and relatives. As what Chairman and CEO Wang said, “We have established long-term partnership with Japanese manufacturers. Therefore, we should give them the biggest help in such a devastating catastrophe.”

Other Charitable Activities

Adoption of Toxin-Free Paddy Fields

In 2011, we extended our concerns to the land of Taiwan. Apart from continuously adopting organic tea farms, we adopted peach farms and organic toxin-free paddy fields in Taoyuan, Miaoli and Taitung. Over the past decade, the area of paddy fields in Tai­wan dramatically reduced by a third, and the average age of the farmer is nearly 70. In recent years, be­sides choosing quality organic rice from Miaoli as gifts for shareholders and business partners, we began supporting rice farmers in Taiwan and safeguard the valuable paddy fields in Taiwan through real action: adoption.

Employees Care

Employee Policy

Instead of recruiting employees, we are finding partners! At SINBON, employees have always been an important asset. Therefore, we create a happy and safe work environment with challenges and opportunities for self-growth, so that employees can feel the sense of achievement and make self-actualization a reality. By promoting legal compliance and professional ethics, we share outcomes and fulfill CSR based on our core value: Integrity, Innovation, and Sharing.

  • Protection of Human Rights: Respect and support the protection of internation­ally proclaimed human rights and comply with labor laws and safety and health regulations.
  • Freedom of Employment: Ban forced or compulsory labor or the employment of compulsory labor or child labor. All employ­ees work voluntarily and enjoy the freedom to terminate employment through reasonable notification.
  • Humane Treatment: Ban harassment and inhumane treatment of any kind and in any form, including sexual harassment, torture, slavery, physical punishment, threat, exploitation, mental or physical pressure, or verbal abuse.
  • Elimination of Discrimination: Employ­ees are recruited by competency. Discrimi­nation in regard of race, religion, color, nationality, age, sex, gender, and dis­ability shall be eliminated in recruit­ment, employment, training, encourage­ment, promotion, termination of work, re­tirement, and other employee condi­tions.
  • Ban Child Labor: Effective abolition of the child labor system.
  • Working Time Management: Establish a working time management mechanism complying with related labor laws and reg­ulations.
  • Pay and Benefits:Provide employees with remuneration and treatment comply­ing with the law, including the mini­mum wage, paid holidays, and regula­tory benefits.
  • Freedom of Association: Protect and re­spect the right of association and to organ­ize trade unions of employees in ac­cordance with the law and establish em­ployee communication channels by the law.
  • Competency Development: Protect equal opportunities for employees and ar­range training necessary for carrying out duty to enhance the work compe­tency and skill of employees.
  • Health and Safety: Provide a safe and health work environment and create and maintain an occupational safety and health management system with refer­ence to applicable safety and health regula­tions to define operating proce­dures for occupational safety and health control, supervise the implementation of the occupational safety and health man­agement system, and continuously im­prove occupational safety and health per­formance

Environment Protection

Response to climate change


In pursuit of the best interests for the group, we spare no effort to concern ourselves with the sustainable development of earth and protect the environment. Green SINBON initiated all kinds of actions to care issues about the deterioration of natural environment, energy depletion, and global warming. Apart from products related to clean energy and eco-friendly materials, we also developed the efficient use of energy and resources. At SINBON, the best proposition for fulfilling CSR is the eco-friendliest solution integrating product R&D, purchase and production, building and the environment.

Green Statement
  • Comply with all applicable legal and statutory requirements.
  • Prevent pollution by reducing waste, reducing energy and resource consumption, recycling materials; and disposing waste with eco-friendly methods.
  • Integrate environmental and safety considerations in the decision-making process.
  • Continuously supply green products to customers and develop green technology and materials to meet customer expectation.
Environment Policy
  • Abide by the Rules
  • Zero pollution
  • Handling waste reduction
  • Environment conservation

SINBON structured the GO GREEN plan from 4 different perspectives, mainly to conserve energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission: Green building, Green products, Green manufacturing, and Green supply chain.

Green Promotion

Go Green Weekly Newsletter

We have designed a Go GREEN! sharing platform for everyone to take a part in our mission. From here, we are able to share different green ideas, information, and activities with everyone.

SINBON has adopted two organic tea farms near the Fei-Cui Reservoir to preserve against pesticide pollution. In addition, we also adopted organic rice field promoting organic planting and farming.

Other green events:

  • Sponsoring company event to Taipei Floral Expo.
  • Give away reusable mugs and utensils to promote awareness.
  • Encourage green ideas from colleagues and reward for ideas and creativity through our CSP team.
  • Organic tea farm visit on May 26, 2013.

Green Manufacturing

Awarded utility model green patent

Miss Penny Huang, HQO Marketing department, designed zero burden earth green package, This packaging design take exquisite, product flexibility, recyclable, biodegradable pollution after disposal into consideration which will not increase the burden of the earth, etc.

The Green Partner with International companies
  • 2004 Green Partner (SONY)
  • 2005 Green Partner (ASUS)
  • 2005 Green Partner (Samsung)
  • 2008 Green Partner (SONY)
  • 2010 Green Partner (Canon)

Green Supply Chain

Passing ISO14001and OHSAS 18001 certification, we have implemented related management systems.

Start to execute RoHS control

Awarded the Green Procurement Supplier

SINBON Taiwan was awarded “The best green procurement enterprise awards” by Miaoli county government. Due to buy green products and equipment, SINBON also benefits from lots of energy saving and reduce the CO2 emission.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Verification

SINBON has implemented some tasks of the greenhouse inventory, data collection, greenhouse gas emission enhancement, and greenhouse gas report to respond accordingly to greenhouse gas and climate change. We had completed our greenhouse report continually since 2009. Our Miaoli manufacturing plant is now officially certified by ISO 14064-1.

Green Building

Offer green interior: Installed Linoleum flooring

SINBON installed a Linoleum flooring for our office lobby. Linoleum is made from all-natural and renewable materials such as linseed oil, pine rosin and powdered cork. It is made of organic materials and is purportedly non-allergenic in nature and can be made to various designs. This is what we choose and make the green floor.

Measures of power saving

According to the statistics of administrative department, energy spending of Taiwan district on 2011 had been decrease approximately NTD1,250,989 compared with 2010, it means we had saved around hundred thousand NT Dollars of energy spending for every each month.

How did we do?

Establish an energy saving institution

Find out and better the most wasteful part of energy applications by making an annual examination

Implementations of power saving:

  • Power distribution system
  • Air-conditional system
  • Lighting system
  • Encourage stairs climbing instead of elevator using
  • Affair machines and other power applications
  • Gasoline saving

Other measures:

  • Energy and paper conserving management
  • Timer set up for energy and computer usage
  • Effectively using sensors and timers to control energy switching system
  • Plantation for air purification
  • (In Beijing plant) Adopting U-Glass (double layered glass made with recycled glass which decreases power consumption by 75% during production process) on the outer layer of the wall for illumination, cooling and temperature control purposes.
Setup an exemplary 3.6kw solar-power station

The first exemplary alternating current module booth in Jiangyin, which was designed by our R&D coworkers through the concept of parallel connection of micro-inverter, is safety, simply constructed and low cost of maintenance.

Green Proudcts

  • 2007 Wind Energy Industry
  • 2008 LED Lighting
  • 2008 Solar Industry
  • 2009 Halogen-Free Cable
Step into ACPV module application market

In an AC module, a microinverter is directly integrated with a PV panel, yielding a module that natively generates grid-compatible AC power. AC Module System enables system installers to design systems with more flexibility than ever. Clouds, shade from trees or roof obstructions are no longer an issue. Installing AC modules cuts installation time by 20 percent or more compare with central inverter solutions. And since our microinverters carry the same 25-year warranty as AC modules, there’s no need for multiple replacements of a central inverter or microinverters, reducing ongoing costs. SINBON is trying on promoting this sys¬tem concepts and modules to the residential roof market.

Sell environmental friendly photoluminescent glow powder

Long-lasting photoluminescent glow powder (super long afterglow luminescent powder) is a new super long afterglow luminescent rare earth material, which can absorb UV light, sunlight and other visible light for 15-30 minutes, they can continue to emit light of their own, with a non-toxic, non-radioactive, high brightness, long after glow, continuous lighting time over 12 hours, is the traditional luminescent material’s 30-50 times. The average life time is more than 20 years, since the physical properties of stable, non-toxic, which is the new material that can replace the traditional light-emitting radioactive material. It can be widely used and is the new green materials.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Customer Service

Customer Relationship Management

We care about the customer satisfaction of all related indicators. To reinforce mutual cooperation, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey through a third party every year and send the results to the supervisor of related BUs for the reference of planning CRM policies.

The survey covers the following seven categories: sales, customer service, logistics, quality, production capacity, R&D and engineering, and others.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Average satisfaction of Taiwanese and Chinese customers in 2012 was 3.88 (out of 5)

  • The three items with the highest score:
    • Customer Service: Cooperation
    • Sales: Service attitude
    • Others: Telephone etiquette
  • The three items with the lowest score:
    • R&D/Engineering: Design and development abilities
    • R&D/Engineering: Technical support
    • Sales: Response speed

Average satisfaction of customers in other countries in 2012 was 4.12 (out of 5)

  • The three items with the highest score:
    • Quality: Product quality
    • Logistics: Transportation and packaging methods
    • Quality: Corrective and preventive action
  • The three items with the lowest score:
    • Logistics: Lead-time
    • Sales: Cooperation
    • Others: Telephone etiquette

Stakeholder Engagement