SINBON Electronics, founded in 1989, is a leading solution provider of electronic component integration design and manufacturing, offering an extensive range of value-added services to our customers in IT, automotives, industrial control, medical and even consumer electronics industries.

Green Policy

Green Policy

SINBON is committed to designing and developing environmentally friendly products. In July 2003, SINBON established a dedicated Green-Earth Committee to monitor our environmental performance and adopt practices specified by ISO 14001 guidelines. In 2004, SINBON was recognized by Sony for its environmental commitment, earning their prestigious Green Partner Certification.

SINBON also proactively takes measures to comply with RoHS regulations. Our factories use Electrical and Electronic Equipment containing no more than agreed levels of the hazardous substances. As RoHS Regulations also requests that manufacturers need to ensure the products – and the components of such products – comply with the requirements, SINBON is asking our component or raw material suppliers to adhere to the directives.

SINBON also would like to inform our customers that we have adopted required actions to comply with the WEEE Directives to ensure we minimize the impacts of electrical and electronic equipment on the environment during their life times and when they become waste.

From adopting clean technologies to expanding the use of recyclable materials and renewable resources, SINBON is committed to delivering market-leading products while preserving our environment.