Product Solutions

Keys to successful client relationships are trust and performance. That’s why we partner with our customers or deliver trustworthy products. SINBON creates total solutions - in the products we create and throughout every phase of our business.

PCB & PCB Assemblies

In cooperation with professional PCB fabrication supplier, ACTMAX Technology, SINBON established a PCB fabrication plant in the Jiangyin SINBON factory, where precision PCB fabrication services are provided. With advanced fabrication equipment and the continuing development of multi-level PCB fabrication technology, SINBON manufactures high quality single, double sided, and multi-level PCBs. Furthermore, our flexible product lines and manufacturing capabilities enables us to offer customers with both high and low volume fabrication services, while meeting the price and delivery time targets. The following table shows production capability of PCB factory.

Board FeatureCapability
Layer Count2~10L
MaterialFR-4, FR-5, Aluminum,HF
Copper Thickness18um – 105um ( 0.5oz – 3.0oz )
Finish Board Thickness0.38~2.4mm (12-128mil) ±10%
Min. Line Width/Space100/100 um (4/4 mil) ±15%
Min. Core Thickness75um (3mil)
Min. Finish hole size0.2mm (8 mil)
Finish PTH Tolerance± 50um (2mil)
PTH Aspect RatioMax. 8
Impedance Control±10%
Solder Mask Registration± 50um (2mil)
Routing / Punching±100um (4mil) / ±75um (3mil)
Surface FinishLead-free OSP, HASL,ENIG, Gold Finger

SINBON’s extensive experiences in PCB design and assembly enables us to supply customers with PCB layouts and different PCB assembly for varied specifications. With the use of exact-testing techniques and advanced testing equipment, coupled with real-time testing reports, we are able to rapidly respond to customers and modify the products to meet higher standard requirements.